👋 Hey there, I’m Leah!

Project Coordinator, Strategist & Account Manager by day.

Textile & Graphic Designer by night.


I manage the marketing & outreach services for Witty Gritty ensuring our clients meet their goals.

Some recent work includes:
Symphony for a Broken Orchestra, Dress Down Day for Philly Public Schools & PhillyCAM

I design hand knitting patterns made for those who appreciate small yet impactful details.

I also love cooking, pretending I can run for long bouts of time, and curate #LeahsDeskJams.

Hand Knitting Patterns

Established in 1998, hand knitting is my escape from most things.

Check out (and maybe purchase?) my current design portfolio on Ravelry.


Brand Gestures & Product Design

First, second, heck, ALL impressions (especially in business) are important.


Print & Graphic Design

Knowledge of Adobe suite? Oh, no worries.


Machine Knitting

Even though hand knitting has my heart, machine knitting fulfills my need for production speed.